When Less Becomes More

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Less Rush. Less Noise. Less Chasing. More of what matters most. Are you working towards a meaningful life only to find yourself running on empty? Work id accessible around the clock, smartphones eat up both time and attention, and other commitments are filling up the remaining time slots in your day - with no end in sight. Busy wife, mom, entrepreneur, and bestselling author, Emily Ley. Emily is well acquainted with this balancing act. But her life became full of activities, commitments, and noise, she found herself empty of time, energy, and joy. Refusing to accept the burnout that society calls normal, Emily searched for something more - and found it. When Less Becomes More provides radical concepts that will help you trade life's junk food, like pursuing stuff, allowing distractions, and living in frenzy, for real nourishment, like building a community, cherishing moments, and embracing rest. Join Emily in pursuing less of what leads to empty and more of what leads to lasting fulfillment.